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  • This weather station is located in non-incorporated Washington County, Oregon, USA.  The time is is Pacific Standard Time.

    The current conditions are updated at the top and bottom of the hour, the archive is updated every two hours on the hour.  The Data and Reports are also updated every two hours on the hour.

    On other pages you may see a few things you might not know.  Wind Run is the total distance during a period of time that the wind has traveled (Usually 24 hour period).  Heat degree days is the energy required to maintain a desired temperature.  Cool Degree days is the same, just how much energy is required to cool the building to maintain a certain temperature.

    Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC) is the moisture content of wood, affects the size and strength of the wood and is determined by both humidity and temperature in the surrounding air.

    Temperature Humidity Wind (THW) Index is the use of temperature, humidity and wind to determine the apparent temperature and the cooling effect of the wind that effects our perception of temperature.

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